No, I do not need to tape my stomach

I remember taping my stomach when I was in my late teens to cover my b-shaped belly.

Masking tape.

Took it and wrapped it around. Over and over. Tighter and tighter. For just a few minutes, I felt free from what I thought were the shackles of my imperfect body.

All I wanted was for it to be flat, I used to think to myself. Is that so much to ask?

Even though my stomach was flat in those moments, I still felt like a fraud. I knew it was just tape and soon enough, I’d have to remove it. And under it, regardless of how long it was left on, was my imperfect belly.

The things I used to do to hide myself. This was just one of them.

I look back now on those days and I get angry.

Angry at the world that made me feel like I needed tape my body to achieve what it said I needed to have. Flatness. Thinness. Perfection.

And finally, a sigh of relief. That I no longer feel prisoner to those methods.

And while not every day I’m totally vibing with my belly, on those days I can at least accept it, smile and move on. No more tape required.

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