My name is <insert name here> and I am writing to you to request that you consider extending your current size offering.

Did you know that in a survey done in 2018 the average American woman was a size 16-18? In the same survey, they estimated that US sales of women’s plus size apparel reached $21.4 billion in 2016. This category, they indicate, is growing substantially faster than the overall US apparel market at a rate of 6% vs. 3% year over year.


It’s hard to understand why such a large base of customers with buying power are being minimized or outright ignored. Why should folks who are above a size 14 be treated as less than those who wear what is conventionally considered ‘straight’ sizes?


Despite my frustration, I truly appreciate the hard work and determination that goes into running a business, and for that, I want to applaud you! I want to be able to support you and all your hard work, but can’t do so unless you offer sizes that fit me (and so many others.)


I look forward to hearing from you soon,


<Insert full name and contact info here>